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Lower Rates Guaranteed On All Card Transactions

You need to choose wisely when picking your chip and pin card processing company

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Have YOU been "sold" by any of the following sales pitches..
"Unbelievably Low Price Chip and Pin Terminal Rental ...£12.99"

 "6 Months Free Terminal Rental"

 "Fantastic 1 Year Contracts"

You could be paying much more than you should be

Have you ever wondered how some Merchant Companies can offer this?

(please also be aware that most of these Terminals are NOT New but re conditioned)

So what are you waiting for?  

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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • High % Credit & Debit Card Processing Rates
  • 3 Pence Per Transaction on top of the % already charged
  • Rates & Fees Based On Annual Turnover
  • £30 "Minimum Monthly Service Charges" 
  • 4p Authorisation Fees (for every transaction)
  • £14.99 per mth Non PCI Compliance Fees
  • Set up and ongoing Admin Fees
  • Electronic something or other monthly fees
  • £12.99 a month for paper statements
  • A Monthly Box Of Till Rolls £19.99 (even though you don't need them)
  • Service Charges
  • Set up and ongoing Admin Fees
  • Other "Hidden " Fees
  • Five Year Contracts

How To Cut 

By Up To 70%

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